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June 16th, 2019    


FANBOYS BE TRIPPIN'! In which our heroes, Cal and M.D., talk about all the things that are driving fanboys crazy from the Ruby Rose BATWOMAN trailer to the final episodes of GAME OF THRONES (The bells! WHO RANG THE GODDAMNED BELLS!). The fanboy's pain is delicious to Cal and their howls of outrage make for one great podcast! We also talk about cats as well as BONEY M and unfortunate names. All this plus the usual CAVE OF COOL hijinx make for solid gold listening!

May 27th, 2019    


We've waited long enough! Our heroes, Cal and MD, review Avengers: Endgame! This episode is full of spoilers and, of course, our usual keen insights and the usual mirth, mayhem and hilarity!

May 11th, 2019    

21: Harry Potter and the Stolen Soup from Sobey’s

In which Calvin tells the story of his mother and the stolen soup and how he was the first to introduce Harry Potter to Red Deer school students. We dissect the trailers for THE LAST JEDI and THE JOKER, and how everyone knows STAR WARS.

May 11th, 2019    

20: Paris is Burning but we Just Want our Ketchup Chips

In which our heroes, Cal and MD, drive a stripped down version of the podcast in order to give a shout out to our biggest fans, conduct a post mortem on the Notre Dame fire and the earthquakes in Red Deer AND in Salmon Arm, and we tell the world why Ketchup Chips are the quintessential Canadian potato chip.

May 11th, 2019    

18: Alita: Battle Angel vs. Tommy Hunter

In which our heroes, Cal and MD, talk Japanese cinema, the live-action version of Alita: Battle Angel and Cal tells the story of how he met Jim Shooter in an airport on the way to Iqaluit and how years earlier his obsessive desire to purchase a Big Jim action figure led Cal to an encounter with Canadian Music legend Tommy Hunter.

April 27th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool: Umbrella Academy Edition

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY! Cal and M.D. talk about the Netflix series as well as the original comic book by GERARD WAY and GABRIEL BA. Side trips along the way include CARLY RAE JEPSEN, JASON MOMOA SHAVING HIS BEARD, the trailer for HOBBES AND SHAW, THE EXPANSE, THE AVENGERS, TOM CRUISE, and the usual CAVE OF COOL shenanigans. Recorded on location in the actual CAVE of COOL!

April 4th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 17

WOMEN IN SPACE!!! (or not) NASA botches a potentially historic all-female spacewalk and Calvin is incensed! The JUSSIE SMOLLETT affair and the disturbing parallels to the TRUMP presidency. AOC the REAL Time Magazine Person of the Year, NEW ZEALAND's response to the shooting tragedy and the "LIVE ACTION" remake of Disney's DUMBO and why Disney thinks that your parents have to die. All this and more on This Week from the Cave of Cool!

March 13th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 16

The hit New Zealand TV series FRESH EGGS! In which our heroes, Cal and M.D., talk to co-creator and writer of FRESH EGGS, Nick Ward about his series which is currently running on New Zealand television! Plus amazing stories about the series' co-star JOHN RHYS-DAVIES (the best digger in Cairo!). We also talk about his short films, FIRST CONTACT and DAS TUB and his development deal with HBO. This Week From the Cave of Cool goes down under!

March 7th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 15

THE SWEET! Episode 15, in which our heroes, Cal & MD reminisce about their younger days and their love for the British rock band THE SWEET! They also give their take on the talk about MICHAEL B. JORDAN being considered for SUPERMAN, the plan to bring STARSHIP TROOPERS back to television and the crazy idea to remake LOST! This Week from the Cave of Cool asks the question: "Are you ready, Steve?"

February 24th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 14

Episode 14 in which our heroes, Cal and MD, discuss the recent spate of BLACKFACE scandals and other stupidities of the internet age including people who believe the earth is flat or that germs don't exist. We pay tribute to the OPPORTUNITY ROVER whose battery died on Mars and express our fears about KILLER ROBOTS. We talk more about casting for Denis Villeneuve's DUNE adaptation and Cal explains why remaking DISNEY'S ALADDIN is a bad idea even without the Fresh Prince of Blue Air, WILL SMITH. Cal reviews a NETFLIX series KINGDOM which mixes medieval Korea with Zombies!

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