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February 10th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 13

Episode 13 in which our heroes, Cal and MD, talk about KENDALL JENNER and how she is not as popular as a picture of an egg. MD talks about the DC NETWORK'S TITANS series, JOHN WICK PART THREE, and Cal outlines why he will not be watching AVATAR 2 & 3 and why JAMES CAMERON is not so hot as everyone thinks. Cal and MD also talk at length about DUNE, the novel and the various adaptations, particularly the upcoming film version directed by DENIS VILLENEUVE. They also talk about the trailer for the next SPIDER-MAN movie and how much they are looking forward to the premiere of the CAPTAIN MARVEL movie. Finally, Cal admits that no matter how hard he tries, he can't see everything.


February 2nd, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 12

Episode 12, in which our heroes, Cal & MD, in spite of all the crazy in the world attempt to sort out the 2019 OSCAR NOMINATIONS including the many nominations for BLACK PANTHER including the nomination for Best picture. Cal makes a brief foray into REALITY TV, specifically CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER and ANTHONY “The Mooch” SCARAMOUCHE before talking about STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and the heartbreak that has become THE ORVILLE. Cal then celebrates the amazing 9 MILLION VISITOR mark he acheived at CALVIN’S CANADIAN CAVE OF COOL which has him quite chuffed, before trying to sort out the world’s problems including the confrontation between the MAGA hat wearing COVINGTON CATHOLIC SCHOOL KIDS and Native Elder NATHAN PHILLIPS.. We then move closer to home to examine the state of CANADIAN POLITICS which, naturally, leads us to a discussion of AMATEUR STRIPPERS IN YELLOWKNIFE and the guy from Calgary who built an old fashioned VIDEO GAME ARCADE in his garage.


January 16th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 11

In which our heroes, Cal and M.D., continue with the Cave of Cool's YEAR IN REVIEW, wherein we talk about TOM CRUISE and review the films that didn't do so well at the box office, namely, Shane Black's PREDATOR and SOLO. Cal talks about UPGRADE, a film that didn't get the attention Cal feels it deserves. We also look ahead to 2019's films including CAPTAIN MARVEL and SHAZAM. Along the way we talk about STAR TREK: SHORT TREKS in anticipation of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's second season, IAN McSHANE and, of all things, SPACE: 1999. If you listened to Part One you have to listen to Part Two and if you haven't listened to Part One but you listen to Part Two, well, you have to go back and listen to part one! It's all GOLD, folks!


January 7th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 10

Episode 10, in which our heroes, Cal and M.D., start off the new year with a list of famous people who have died already, including The Captain from Captain and Tenille, Super Dave Osborne and Gene Oakerlund which leads to Calvin remembering the time he watched ANDRE THE GIANT wrestle alongside CAESAR PAVON on STAMPEDE WRESTLING back in the day. Along the way they review the happenings of the year 2018 with much derision of Trump and, naturally, a discussion of Gypsy weddings. They compare New Year's celebrations and discuss the impact of films such as BLACK PANTHER, INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE and BUMBLEBEE. It's all gold, folks and it's only PART ONE of a Two-part (possibly three-part) show!


December 20th, 2018    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 8

Episode 8, in which our heroes, Cal & MD, talk about big wet movies. Calvin gives his spoiler-free and somewhat rambling review of AQUAMAN, with some inevitable talk about 1987's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and learning how to swim in Brandon, Manitoba. We also talk about the trailer for AVENGERS:ENDGAME (“What trailer?” Calvin is still asking) and the newest trailer for season two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY in which everybody has great love for Captain Christopher Pike and MD figures out the only logical reason why Spock never mentioned he had a sister in the the original STAR TREK series.


December 20th, 2018    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 9

Episode 9, in which our heroes, Cal and MD, talk about terror-filled Christmas traditions from Europe including KRAMPUS, THE YULE LADS, THE YULE CAT and some SANTA CLAUS helpers who will beat your ass with a broom. We also examine the creepy sadness of VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS CARDS and Victorian Christmas stories about LITTLE MATCH GIRLS who freeze to death. MD talks about being put in jail for being drunk and disorderly by JOHN RHYS DAVIES, and Cal opines on the greatest Christmas Album ever, THE BONEY M CHRISTMAS ALBUM and they weigh in on the BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE controversy. And what podcast would be complete without a surprise visit from Santa courtesy of LIVE PD. It's heartwarming holiday fare!


December 7th, 2018    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 7

Episode 7 in which our heroes, Cal and M.D., examine the plague of MUTANT COWS (following a short trip down memory lane as Cal reminisces about a night at Red Deer's premier biker bar/strip club, THE WINDSOR) and speculate about which soulless corporation is behind the shenanigans. Cal also talks about his love for CATS which is reflected at the CAVE OF COOL blog. We also talk about Britain's first female astronaut HELEN SHARMAN and M.D. talks about the time he found himself inside a cold war era Russian spacecraft (true story) and, of course, SPACE FORCE. We also talk about Y, THE LAST MAN and other dystopian stories about the last fertile man on earth, AQUAMAN, MARVEL'S NETFLIX SERIES being cancelled, and Cal explains why MY BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDING is top notch entertainment.


December 1st, 2018    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 6

In which our heroes, Cal & M.D., are joined by guest commentators Erik Allan Johnson and Chris Lockhart to pay tribute to the late Stan Lee. We also mark the passing of screenwriter William Goldman, author of The Princess Bride, and Roy Clark, guitar virtuoso and co-host of Hee Haw. Calvin then tells the story of the stabbing in the arctic and takes the opportunity to excoriate his least favourite book, Moby Dick.


November 14th, 2018    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 5

Episode 5, in which our heroes, Cal and M.D. Talk about their favourite band, Queen, the impact that their music had on their lives and Cal gives his enthusiastic review of the Queen Biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. We also talk about the infamous Megan Kelly “Blackface” fiasco, Creed 2 (wherein M.D. Reveals his part in Rocky IV), Aquaman, and Cal inexplicably threatens to tip some unnamed podcasters into a bear pit.


October 30th, 2018    

This Week from the Cave of Cool Episode 4

Episode 4, in which our heroes, Cal and M. D. Talk about the movies that scared them. The new Halloween film, plus Calvin tells an amazing story that brings together The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tobe Hooper and Billy Idol and redemption from beyond the grave. MD reveals the film that frightened him silly as a child and a few that frighten him now. There are hilarious stories along the way about the original Frankenstein and the original Alien.


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