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August 21st, 2019    

MCU Phase 4 and why Millie Bobbie Brown Can’t Act

The MCU is moving into Phase 4! We talk about what it all means, what we think will happen and what we hope will happen. Calvin also goes on at length about MILLIE BOBBIE BROWN's lack of acting chops. Along the way we visit a Farmer's Market in Red Deer, Alberta. It's all fun and games until someone casts Millie Bobbie Brown as an Eternal!

July 10th, 2019    

PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE and the birthday trip to the EMERGENCY ROOM!

PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE! Do you remember the 1974 Brian DePalma horror rock opera? We do! And we talk about why it and its compser, Paul Williams were so fantastic. Also a list of overrated movies. Some will come as no surprise but some will surprise you. Also Calvin talks about his completely unexpected trip to his local emergency room on his birthday, of all days! All this plus our usual shenanigans at THIS WEEK FROM THE CAVE OF COOL!

July 4th, 2019    

DARK PHOENIX sucks, but KEANU REEVES will save the world!

Calvin reviews X:MEN: DARK PHOENIX and we compare and contrast the various adaptations of X-Men's Dark Phoenix Saga. Plus why the universe is better with Keanu Reeves in it. From BILL & TED and HAMLET to THE MATRIX and JOHN WICK, we review Keanu Reeve's career and where he could fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how he could probably save the world.

July 4th, 2019    


SHOT TO THE FACE! In which our hero, Cal, tells the harrowing story of violence in RED DEER involving car chases, gunplay and frightened children in peril! Calvin also tells the story of how he found a dead body while drunk on a boat. All this plus the usual shenanigans! If you only listen to one podcast THIS IS THE ONE!

June 16th, 2019    


FANBOYS BE TRIPPIN'! In which our heroes, Cal and M.D., talk about all the things that are driving fanboys crazy from the Ruby Rose BATWOMAN trailer to the final episodes of GAME OF THRONES (The bells! WHO RANG THE GODDAMNED BELLS!). The fanboy's pain is delicious to Cal and their howls of outrage make for one great podcast! We also talk about cats as well as BONEY M and unfortunate names. All this plus the usual CAVE OF COOL hijinx make for solid gold listening!

May 27th, 2019    


We've waited long enough! Our heroes, Cal and MD, review Avengers: Endgame! This episode is full of spoilers and, of course, our usual keen insights and the usual mirth, mayhem and hilarity!

May 11th, 2019    

21: Harry Potter and the Stolen Soup from Sobey’s

In which Calvin tells the story of his mother and the stolen soup and how he was the first to introduce Harry Potter to Red Deer school students. We dissect the trailers for THE LAST JEDI and THE JOKER, and how everyone knows STAR WARS.

May 11th, 2019    

20: Paris is Burning but we Just Want our Ketchup Chips

In which our heroes, Cal and MD, drive a stripped down version of the podcast in order to give a shout out to our biggest fans, conduct a post mortem on the Notre Dame fire and the earthquakes in Red Deer AND in Salmon Arm, and we tell the world why Ketchup Chips are the quintessential Canadian potato chip.

May 11th, 2019    

18: Alita: Battle Angel vs. Tommy Hunter

In which our heroes, Cal and MD, talk Japanese cinema, the live-action version of Alita: Battle Angel and Cal tells the story of how he met Jim Shooter in an airport on the way to Iqaluit and how years earlier his obsessive desire to purchase a Big Jim action figure led Cal to an encounter with Canadian Music legend Tommy Hunter.

April 27th, 2019    

This Week from the Cave of Cool: Umbrella Academy Edition

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY! Cal and M.D. talk about the Netflix series as well as the original comic book by GERARD WAY and GABRIEL BA. Side trips along the way include CARLY RAE JEPSEN, JASON MOMOA SHAVING HIS BEARD, the trailer for HOBBES AND SHAW, THE EXPANSE, THE AVENGERS, TOM CRUISE, and the usual CAVE OF COOL shenanigans. Recorded on location in the actual CAVE of COOL!

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