DEADLY SHARKS! PANT STEALING BISON! Trump committing election fraud by destroying the post office and it's being carried out in broad daylight! A REAL GIANT ROBOT in Yokohama, Japan! CAPTAIN FUNKATEER FUNK SWAGGER'S third big album drop on a dental theme! All that plus THE NEW MUTANTS!


Okay, yeah, this one was late. I should have uploaded it last week because it's getting a bit ripe, but listen anyway. It's still Balloon Juice, and any time is a good time for that no matter what the vintage.

More Episodes


August 17, 2020

But that won't stop us from talking about THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2, STARGIRL or DOOM PATROL. We remember 1984's STREETS OF FIRE and MD bemoans the computer repairs that set him back, Cal bemoans ordering things online and recounts his recent ELLEN DEGENERIS kerfuffle. The we talk about fine art and FORTUNINO MATANA and RENE MAGRITTE, cuz we're intellectuals, y'all!

We also review the recent PERRY MASON remake and we wax rhapsodic about the tv series MATADOR. We touch on Tom Cruise in space, BATTLEFIELD EARTH and the inimitable Barry Pepper!

It's not just Balloon Juice, it's solid gold Balloon Juice!


July 21, 2020

Calvin tells M.D. some stories from his youth in Shiloh, Manitoba. The Summer of '79 was a magical year for young Calvin and the things he got up to will make your blood curdle! STEALING A BIG MAC FROM A BABY! HOPPING A TRAIN TO WINNIPEG! Also going through some old photographs leads Calvin to discover a secret about his family. We also weigh in on the notorious BEER RAMEN! (spoiler: YUCK!)


July 14, 2020

In which our heroes, Cal and MD, talk about their cats, MD complains about the recent renovations to his house. Then we dig in and talk about what's going on in the world: GEORGE FLOYD and the police, DAVE CHAPELLE and his powerful special on Youtube, ANTIFA, Confederate statues, KATHERINE JOHNSON, BASS REEVES, WATCHMEN. We talk about our white privilege, and our support for marginalized people and the LGBTQ community. We talk about religious bigotry, THE “N” WORD, Walter Mosley and the writer's room for Star Trek: Discovery. White supremecists and racists: Don't listen to this show. YOU WILL BE TRIGGERED!!!!!


Then we switch gears and talk about Octoberfest, beer, bratwurst and women with big boobs, which causes MD to talk about his wife and Calvin to reminisce about a young woman he once knew... okay, full disclosure: we were drinking when we recorded this, so it's still podcast gold, but it's DRUNKEN PODCAST GOLD!


'nuff said.


July 7, 2020


In which our heroes, Cal and M.D., reflect on how Luke Skywalker is just some radicalized Jedi kid from a desert shithole planet. That leads us to a discussion of DUNE which leads us to MOBY DICK and via Bill Sienkiewicz, to THE NEW MUTANTS, LEGION and a discussion of comic books as pop culture. Calvin recalls his days as a high school superstar before we launch into a very serious discussion about POM, pimple popping videos, ear wax removal and Kotubukiya figures. We also admit how uncomfortable we are with the new FACE SWAP APP turning Luke Skywalker and the Enterprise crew into girls, LOONEY TUNES, racist tropes, racist syrup, white voice actors on THE SIMPSONS and the joys of punching Nazis. It's PODCAST GOLD this week, folks! You don't want to miss it!


July 1, 2020


BALLOON JUICE #1, in which our heroes, Calvin and M.D., have to deal with another film starring Millie Bobbie Brown! ENOLA HOLMES is a Netflix film coming in September. Did you know David Lee Roth is now a paramedic? It's true! Cal and M.D. Talk about the Snyder Cut and explain why there is no SNYDER CUT of JUSTICE LEAGE! Michael Keaton returning to the role of Batman? MORBIUS starring Jared Leto, JOKER, DC's animated films culminate in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: APOKOLIPS WAR, Calvin's pathetic troll, Covid 19, AmazingCon! FOUNDATION becomes a TV series, SNOWPIERCER and what happens to Calvin when he doesn't have internet?


It's an amazingly chock-full hour of damn good podcasting!


April 24, 2020

From our quarantine bunkers, Cal and MD are joined by Nick Ward from New Zealand. We share lockdown stories, we talk about the recently released images from Denis Villeneuve's DUNE, we each recount embarrassing encounters with famous people and engage in general merriment. Along the way we talk about the iconic Canadian TV series THE BEACHCOMBERS, THE FRIENDLY GIANT and DOCTOR WHO, and Cal tells us how he saved the life of an Edmonton Weatherman before he became famous! It's quality entertainment to soothe your isolation blues!


March 14, 2020

In this episode Cal and MD talk about many topics including Dennis Villenuve's Dune, Moebius, Cosplay Girls, Billie Eilish (and the amazing reality that a Grammy winning album can be produced in your bedroom), A REALLY GREAT IDEA FOR THE CAVE OF COOL'S FIRST INDIE FEATURE, Disney Remakes (with an emphasis on MULAN) and ONE REALLY AMAZING THERMOS!

From the Bottom of the Sea to the Frozen North

March 1, 2020

Back again and we talk Irwin Allen, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA and other old network television shows. Remember CLIFFHANGERS? We do! We talk about SURVIVOR, Calvin's time in Iqaluit, Harry and Megan moving to Canada, and, of course, SUPER HEROES! We've got your amazing geeky conversation all right here!

SHORT TAKE: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan

February 29, 2020

In which our heroes talk about the great actors of our time and how they can and do star in silly sit-coms and guest appearances on CORONATION STREET